What's Ayana Gohan?

Ayana Gohan is a recipe blog that I introduce delicious and healthy home-cooked meal. Cooking tasty and healthy food enjoyably is my concept. I create a healthy recipe, and introduce them in this blog.

I aim to make the best use of the taste of the ingredients, and enjoy to eat them healthier.

When I cook myself, I want to make the food healthy even though it's delicious. I avoid food additives as possible as I can, and replace some ingredients with other ingredients which is healthier.

It's important to cook enjoyably. I try to make delicious and healthy food easily, and I upload the recipe in my blog.

Types of food

This is the types of food that I like. You can look at food from the category.

New Recipe

These are my new recipes. I hope you like it!

From My Blog

There are some methods about cooking.
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