I’m a lover of pasta, so I want to eat it as possible I can. However, sometimes pasta can have a lack of nutrients. Because of that, I try to make healthy pasta not only delicious. There are 7 tips in this articles, and I share my favorite recipes with you.

1. Try to reduce fat

If you can want to be healthy, trying to cut down fat from a meal. For a pasta, you can remove the extra greasy when grilling the meat: bacon and chicken.

2. Use cheese in moderation

I think some pasta lovers love cheese too, For me, I really like cheese for pasta. However you need to use it in moderation if you want to be healthier. I add some cheese in a homemade sauce and a topping as a finishing touch, but I use it a little to give the dish flavor. When I think cheese is not necessary, I don’t use it.

3. Substitute some dairy products with other ingredients

To make cream sauce, we use milk and heavy cream. Sometimes, I try soy milk instead of it because it has soy protein, which can reduce blood cholesterol level, and isoflavone. Also, soy milk has less fat and sugar than milk, so it can help to make healthier pasta.

4. Add some vegetable to your favorite pasta

I like spaghetti aglio e olio (peperoncino), but classic one include no vegetable, so I feel guilty to eat it. In the case of peperoncino, Adding one kind of leafy vegetables can make it healthier.

5. Prepare side dish easily

If homemade pasta is less vegetables and meat, prepare a salad or soup, which is made easily and quickly. It can help take nutrition for your meal.

Make healthier pasta with these tips

These tips are my ideas that I continue to make healthy pasta. I try to make homemade pasta healthier, and create recipes. If you want to know how to make them, please click the button “recipe”, and choose the pasta categories, or search your favorite pasta directly.